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Patients who were once anxious and fearful—and put off having their dental work completed—can receive their dental care while they are totally relaxed and comfortable. 

When you are sedated you are completely unaware of what is being done in your mouth, but you are not asleep.  

And a bonus...you won’t even remember most of your appointment.  It is one of the nice side effects of the sedation medicine.  

The medicines we use will make you sleepy, but you do not sleep through the procedure as you would with say, heart surgery.

For lower levels of dental fear, we often use a no-needle approach (with nitrous oxide or laughing gas), or sometimes in combination with a couple of pills, as the best no-needle sedation technique.

We are often able to complete many years of needed dentistry in one visit all while you are in a very comfortable state.

Oral sedation enables Dr. Verceles to perform more dentistry in a single visit, meaning that his patients don’t have to return as many times to complete their treatment, saving both time and money!

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